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New York City, a 302-square mile collection of five boroughs, is the largest city in the nation and with 27,000 people per square mile, it is also the most densely populated incorporated big city with 100,000 or more population, U.S. Census records show. It's also one of the most expensive places to live in the United States.

P.A.’L.A.N.T.E. Harlem assists renters by asking five jogging questions that require reflection, preserves our affordable housing stock and implement immediate anti-eviction strategies for each tenat.

For each renter, P.A.’L.A.N.T.E. encourages strategic thinking about how they will be able to remain in their homes. Responding to the five questions creates a unique call to action.

Our research and positive results has demonstrated a tremendous and positive impact for renters. Our work combined with their due diligence has allowed them to receive rent refunds and returned illegally converted market rate apartments to rent stabilization. This “aha” moment comes once they discover the monies that their landlords has been overcharging them at P.A.’L.A.N.T.E.’s general intake process - Results





The 5 Jogging Questions

1. Do you have your vacancy lease (original lease)?

2. Do you have the complete rent registration history to your apartment from DHRC?

3. Do you have housing conditions in your apartment that need to be addressed?

4.What payment method do you use to pay your rent?

5.Do you have a fully executed copy of your most recent Lease Renewal?

Why Join P.A.`L.A.N.T.E.


“...The group performs a vital role in ensuring the City’s stock of affordable housing doesn’t shrink further...”- Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President


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